Undergraduate Majors

Certificate programs are listed separately


Accounting (BSBA)

Accounting BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)

Air Force ROTC

Animation & Visual Effects (BS)

NEW: Animation & Visual Effects BS / Digital Media MS (BS/MS)

Architectural Engineering (BSAE)

Architectural Engineering, Building Systems Concentration BSAE / Architectural Engineering MS (BSAE/MS)

Architectural Engineering, Structural Concentration BSAE / Civil Engineering, Structural Track MS (BSAE/MS)

Architecture (BArch)


Art History (BA, BS)


Behavioral Health Counseling (BS)

Biological Sciences (BS)

Biological Sciences BS / Biological Sciences MS (BS/MS)

Biomedical Engineering (BS)

Biomedical Engineering BSBE / Biomedical Engineering MSBE (BSBE/MSBE)

Business (General) (BSBA)

Business Undeclared

Business and Engineering (BSBAE)

Business Analytics (co-major) (BSBA)

Business Administration (BSBA)

Business Economics (co-major) (BSBA)


Chemical Engineering (BSCHE)

Chemical Engineering BSCHE / Chemical Engineering MSCHE (BSCHE/MSCHE)

Chemistry (BA, BS)

Chemistry-Biochemistry Concentration (BS)

Civil Engineering (BSCIV)

Civil Engineering BSCIV / Civil Engineering MSCIV (BSCIV/MSCIV)

NEW: Civil Engineering BSCIV / Environmental Engineering MSENE

Communication (BA)

Communication (BS)

NEW: Communication BA / Communication MS (BA/MS)

NEW: Communication BS / Communication MS (BS/MS)

Computer Engineering (BSCE)

NEW: Computer Engineering BSCE / Computer Engineering MSCE

NEW: Computer Engineering BSCE / Project Management MS

Computer Science (BACS, BSCS)

Computer Science BS / Computer Science MS

Computing and Security Technology (BSCST)

Construction Management (BSCMGT)

Criminology and Justice Studies (BS)

Culinary Arts & Science (BSCAS)

Custom-Designed Major (BS)


Dance (BS)

Dance BS / Education MS (BS/MS)

NEW: Dance - Part-time Professional (BS)

Data Science (BS)

Design and Merchandising (BS)

Design and Merchandising BS / Business Administration MBA (BS/MBA)

Design of Learning Technologies (BS)



Education: Non-Certification (BS) 

Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

NEW: Electrical Engineering BSEE / Electrical Engineering MS

Elementary Education (BS)

Engineering (BSE)

Engineering Management (BS/MS)

Engineering Technology (BSET)

Engineering Undeclared

English, Literary Studies Concentration (BA)

English, Writing Concentration (BA)

NEW: English, Secondary Education Concentration (BA)

NEW: English BA / Communication MS (BA/MS)

Entertainment and Arts Management (BS)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BA)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3-year Option (BA)

Environmental Engineering (BSENE)

Environmental Engineering BSENE / Environmental Engineering MSENE (BSENE/MSENE)

Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental Science BS / Environmental Policy MSEP (BS/MSEP)

Environmental Science BS / Environmental Science MSES (BS/MSES)

Environmental Studies and Sustainability (BA)

Environmental Studies and Sustainability BA / Environmental Policy (MSEP)

NEW: Esport Business (BSBA)


Fashion Design (BS)

Film & Television (BS)

Finance (BSBA)

Finance BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)


Game Design & Production (BS)

NEW: Game Design & Production BS / Digital Media MS (BS/MS)

General Business (BSBA)

General Humanities and Social Sciences (Undeclared)

General Studies (BS)

Geoscience (BS)

NEW: Global Public Health (BA)

Global Studies (BA)

Global Studies BA / Public Health MPH (BA/MPH)

Graphic Design (BS)


Health Sciences (BS)

Health Sciences BS / Physical Therapy DPT (BS/DPT Bridge Program)

Health Sciences BS / Physician Assistant MHS (BS/MHS Bridge Program)

Health Services Administration (BS)

Health Services Administration BS / Public Health MPH (BS/MPH)

History (BA)

Hospitality Management (BSHM)


Information Systems (BS)

Interactive Digital Media (BS)

NEW: Interactive Digital Media BS / Digital Media MS (BS/MS)

International Business (BSBA)

International Business BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)

International Business Co-Major (BSBA)

Interior Design (BS)

Interior Design BS / Design Research MS (BS/MS)

Interior Design BS / Interior Architecture MS (BS/MS)

Interior Design BS / Urban Strategy MS (BS/MS)


Legal Studies (BSBA)

Legal Studies BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)


Management Information Systems (BSBA)

Marketing (BSBA)

Marketing BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)

NEW: Marketing BSBA / Communication MS (BSBA/MS)

Materials Science and Engineering (BSMSE)

NEW: Materials Science & Engineering BSMSE / Materials Science & Engineering MSMSE

Mathematics (BA, BS)

Mathematics BS / Mathematics MS (BS/MS)

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics (BSME)

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics BSME / Mechanical Engineering MSME (BSME/MSME)

Music Industry (BS)

Music Industry BS / Business Administration MBA (BS/MBA)



Nursing (BSN)

Nursing: RN-MSN Bridge Program

Nursing: Accelerated RN/BSN/MSN

Nutrition and Foods (BS)

Nutrition and Foods BS / Nutrition and Dietetics MS (BS/MS Bridge Program)

Nutrition Sciences: Accelerated BS/MS


Operations and Supply Chain Management (BSBA)

Organizational Management (co-major) (BSBA)


Philosophy (BA)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BA)

Photography (BS)

Physics (BS)

Political Science (BA)

Political Science BA / Science, Technology & Society MS (BA/MS)

Product Design (BS)

Psychology (BS)

Psychology BS / Psychology MS (BS/MS)

Public Health (BS)

Public Health: Accelerated BS/MPH


Real Estate Management and Development (BSBA)

Real Estate Management and Development BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)

ROTC (Air Force, Army, Navy)


Screenwriting and Playwriting (BS)

Sociology (BA)

Sociology BA / Urban Strategy MS (BA/MS)

Software Engineering (BS)

Sport Business (BSBA)

Sport Business BSBA / Business Administration MBA (BSBA/MBA)

Systems Engineering (BS/MS)


Teacher Education (BS)

Technology Innovation Management (co-major) (BS)


Virtual Reality & Immersive Media (BS)

Virtual Reality BS / Digital Media MS (BS/MS)


Westphal Studies Program (BS)

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