Minor in International Economics

This minor is designed for students with varied backgrounds who have a particular interest in learning more about the international economic environment. The curriculum provides the students a basic understanding of economics and exposes them to advanced topics dealing with international trade, multinational corporations, and other aspects of international economics. The minor complements a variety of degrees, particularly for students interested in applying their major discipline within an international context or within a multinational corporation.


  • No more than 2 courses or 8.0 credits required by a student’s major may be counted towards this minor.
  • A grade of “C” (2.0) or better must be earned for each course in this minor for it to be counted.
  • No more than two transfer courses may be used to complete this minor. Transfer credits must be taken before matriculated at Drexel.
  • Students should check the pre-requisites of all classes when selecting electives. It is the responsibility of the student to know pre-requisites.
  • Cannot do a major and a minor in the same field of study. 

All prospective students should meet with an advisor from the College as soon as possible. Call 215.895.2110 to set up an appointment.

Required Courses
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics4.0
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics4.0
INTB 200International Business4.0
INTB 334International Trade4.0
or INTB 336 International Money and Finance
Select two of the following (at least one from the following list):8.0
Multinational Corporations
International Trade
International Money and Finance
Regional Studies in Economic Policies and International Business
Economic Development
Other Options
Economics Seminar
Labor Economics
Industrial Organization
Mathematical Economics
Applied Econometrics
Resource and Environmental Economics
International Business Law
Global Financial Management
Global Marketing
Total Credits24.0
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