Animation and Visual Effects BS / Digital Media MS

Major: Animation & Visual Effects and Digital Media
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 232.0
Co-op Options: Three Co-op (Five years); One Co-op (Five years)
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 10.0304
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 27-1014

About the Program

The program is a natural extension of our undergraduate program in Animation and Visual Effects and challenges students to push beyond what’s known and into what’s possible. It combines research with applicable skills in 21st century media applications and offers a mix of academic coursework and project-related activities in advanced digital design, including 3-D modeling, animation, interactivity, gaming and digital media history, theory and methods.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to enter the accelerated program are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and between 70 and 120 credits of completed undergraduate coursework.

Acceptance into the accelerated program is decided by the program director of the Digital Media MS program in consultation with the undergraduate program director in Animation and Visual Effects as well as the Department’s Graduate Admissions Committee.

Main criteria for acceptance is an evaluation of the student’s prior academic performance and the student’s likelihood of success within the program.

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate General Education Requirements
CIVC 101Introduction to Civic Engagement1.0
COM 230Techniques of Speaking3.0
COOP 101Career Management and Professional Development1.0
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research3.0
or ENGL 111 English Composition I
ENGL 102Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing3.0
or ENGL 112 English Composition II
ENGL 103Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres3.0
or ENGL 113 English Composition III
MATH 101Introduction to Analysis I4.0
PHYS 170Electricity and Motion3.0
PHYS 171Computational Lab for Electricity and Motion1.0
PHYS 175Light and Sound3.0
PHYS 176Computational Lab for Light and Sound1.0
UNIV A101The Drexel Experience2.0
Required Arts and Humanities-students elect a minimum of 9 credits9.0
Required Social Science-students elect a minimum of 9.0 credits9.0
Free electives24.0
Art and Art History Requirements
ARTH 102History of Art II3.0
ARTH 103History of Art III3.0
ARTH 300 [WI] History of Modern Design3.0
VSST 108Design I for Media3.0
VSST 109Design II for Media3.0
VSST 110Introductory Drawing3.0
VSST 111Figure Drawing I3.0
VSST 210Painting Basics3.0
Media and Computer Science Requirements
ANIM 231Scripting for Animation and Visual Effects3.0
CS 171Computer Programming I3.0
FMVD 206Audio Production and Post3.0
SCRP 270 [WI] Screenwriting I3.0
Digital Media Core Requirements
ANIM 140Computer Graphics Imagery I3.0
ANIM 141Computer Graphics Imagery II3.0
ANIM 211Animation I3.0
DIGM 105Overview of Digital Media3.0
DIGM 350 [WI] Digital Storytelling3.0
DIGM 451 [WI] Explorations in New Media3.0
DIGM 475 [WI] Seminar: The Future of Digital Media3.0
DIGM 490Digital Media Senior Project *9.0
DIGM 491Digital Media Senior Project Studio *3.0
GMAP 260Overview of Computer Gaming3.0
IDM 100Introduction to Web Development3.0
Animation Requirements
ANIM 100Foundational Tools for Animation & VFX3.0
ANIM 110Digital Imaging for Animation & VFX3.0
ANIM 155Previsualization for Animated Production3.0
ANIM 212Animation II3.0
ANIM 214Digital Character Creation3.0
ANIM 215History of Animation3.0
ANIM 220Digital Compositing I3.0
ANIM 221Digital Compositing II3.0
ANIM 250Professional Practices for Animation & VFX3.0
Animation Electives
Select five of the following:15.0
Realtime Visualization
Lighting & Surfacing
Organic Modeling I
Advanced Lighting
Character Animation I
Character Animation II
Organic Modeling II
Experimental Animation Lab
Spatial Data Capture
Advanced Compositing
Advanced Animation
Advanced Visual Effects
Technical Directing for Animation
Special Topics in Animation
Special Topics in Animation
Special Topics in Animation
Special Topics in Animation
Independent Study in Animation
Independent Study in Animation
Independent Study in Animation
Independent Study in Animation
Digital Cultural Heritage
Overview of Immersive Media
Game Development Foundations
Character Animation for Gaming
Required Graduate Courses
Digital Media Core
DIGM 501New Media: History, Theory and Methods3.0
DIGM 510Designing for Interactivity3.0
DIGM 511Research Methods for Digital Media3.0
Digital Media Specialization: Select 18.0 credits from the following list:18.0
Game Design and Development
Game Design I
Game Design II
Game Development Foundations
Serious Games
Experimental Games
Game Design from the Player’s Perspective
Animation and Immersive Media
Spatial Data Capture
Animation I
Animation II
Organic Modeling
Advanced Concepts and Applications in Interactive 3D Environments
Immersive World Building
UX Design and Digital Cultural Heritage
Digital Cultural Heritage
Interactivity I
Interactivity II
General Digital Media
Digital Media Skills Intensive
Independent Study in Digital Media
Independent Study in Digital Media
Special Topics in Digital Media
Special Topics in Digital Media
New Media Project
DIGM 540New Media Project **6.0
DIGM 680Thesis Development3.0
Total Credits232.0

Writing-Intensive Course Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must pass three writing-intensive courses after their freshman year. Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major. The third can be in any discipline. Students are advised to take one writing-intensive class each year, beginning with the sophomore year, and to avoid “clustering” these courses near the end of their matriculation. Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate.

A "WI" next to a course in this catalog may indicate that this course can fulfill a writing-intensive requirement. For the most up-to-date list of writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Writing Intensive Course List at the University Writing Program. Students scheduling their courses can also conduct a search for courses with the attribute "WI" to bring up a list of all writing-intensive courses available that term.

Sample Plan of Study

4+1 Accelerated Program, Spring-Summer Coop Cycle

First Year
ANIM 1003.0ANIM 1103.0ANIM 1413.0VACATION
DIGM 1053.0ANIM 1403.0ANIM 2203.0 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0ENGL 102 or 1123.0CIVC 1011.0 
PHYS 1703.0PHYS 1753.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0 
PHYS 1711.0PHYS 1761.0MATH 1014.0 
UNIV A101 (Department Specific)1.0UNIV A101 (Program Specific)1.0VSST 1093.0 
VSST 1103.0VSST 1083.0  
 17 17 17 0
Second Year
ANIM 1553.0ANIM 2123.0ANIM 2143.0ANIM 2313.0
ANIM 2113.0ANIM 2153.0ANIM 2213.0ANIM 2503.0
SCRP 2703.0ARTH 1023.0ARTH 1033.0COM 2303.0
GMAP 2603.0IDM 1003.0CS 1713.0COOP 1011.0
VSST 2103.0VSST 1113.0(UG) Free Elective3.0DIGM 3503.0
   FMVD 2063.0
 15 15 15 16
Third Year
(UG) Animation Electives6.0(UG) Animation Elective3.0  
(UG) Free Electives6.0(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0  
DIGM 5013.0(UG) Social Science Elective 3.0  
 (UG) Free Elective3.0  
 DIGM 5103.0  
 18 18 0 0
Fourth Year
DIGM 4903.0DIGM 4911.0DIGM 4903.0 
DIGM 4911.0DIGM 4903.0DIGM 4911.0 
(UG) Animation Elective3.0(UG) Animation Elective3.0DIGM 4753.0 
(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0(UG) Social Science Elective3.0(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0 
(UG) Social Science Elective3.0(UG) Free Electives6.0(UG) Free Elective3.0 
(UG) Free Elective3.0DIGM 5403.0DIGM 5113.0 
(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0 DIGM 5403.0 
 19 19 19 
Fifth Year
DIGM 6801.0DIGM 6801.0DIGM 6801.0 
DIGM 5912.0DIGM 5912.0DIGM 5912.0 
(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0 
(GR) Elective3.0(GR) Elective3.0(GR) Elective3.0 
 9 9 9 
Total Credits 232

5+0 Co-terminal Accelerated Program, Fall-Winter COOP Cycle

First Year
ANIM 1003.0ANIM 1103.0ANIM 1413.0VACATION
DIGM 1053.0ANIM 140 or ENGL 1123.0ANIM 2203.0 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0COOP 1011.0CIVC 1011.0 
PHYS 1703.0ENGL 1023.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0 
PHYS 1711.0PHYS 1753.0MATH 1014.0 
UNIV A101 (Department Specific)1.0PHYS 1761.0VSST 1093.0 
VSST 1103.0UNIV A101 (Program Specific)1.0(UG) Free Elective3.0 
 VSST 1083.0  
 17 18 20 0
Second Year
  ANIM 2113.0ANIM 2153.0
  SCRP 2703.0ARTH 1023.0
  GMAP 2603.0IDM 1003.0
  VSST 2103.0VSST 1113.0
  (UG) Free Elective4.0(UG) Free Elective4.0
 0 0 19 19
Third Year
  ANIM 2143.0ANIM 2503.0
  ARTH 1033.0COM 2303.0
  CS 1713.0DIGM 3503.0
  (UG) Free Elective4.0FMVD 2063.0
  DIGM 5013.0DIGM 5103.0
   DIGM 5912.0
 0 0 19 20
Fourth Year
  (UG) Animation Electives6.0(UG) Animation Elective3.0
  (UG) Free Elective3.0(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0
  DIGM 5113.0(UG) Social Science Elective3.0
  DIGM 5403.0DIGM 5403.0
  DIGM 5912.0DIGM 5912.0
   (GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0
 0 0 20 20
Fifth Year
DIGM 4903.0DIGM 4903.0DIGM 4903.0 
DIGM 4911.0DIGM 4911.0DIGM 4911.0 
(UG) Animation Elective3.0(UG) Animation Elective3.0DIGM 4753.0 
(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0(UG) Social Science Elective3.0(UG) Arts and Humanities Elective3.0 
(UG) Social Science Elective3.0(UG) Free Elective3.0(UG) Free Elective3.0 
DIGM 6801.0DIGM 6801.0DIGM 6801.0 
(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0(GR) Digital Media Specialization3.0 
(GR) Directed Studies3.0(GR) Directed Studies3.0(GR) Directed Studies3.0 
 20 20 20 
Total Credits 232
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