Minor in Bioinformatics

About the Minor

The bioinformatics minor examines the application of computer technology and programming to biological fields such as genomics or proteomics. This multidisciplinary program is designed for students majoring in biomedical engineering, biological sciences, computer science, information systems, or mathematics. Combination with other majors is possible through consultation with the program director. The minor is divided among courses in biology, programming and computation, human-computer interface design, databases, and statistics. 

Program Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits of coursework as follows:

Core Courses
BIO 331Bioinformatics I3.0
BIO 332Bioinformatics II3.0
Two Senior Research Project Courses *

Until research project courses are developed specifically for this minor, the department will accept whatever research project(s) the student has taken as part of their major under the number for that major.

Area-specific courses

In each of the following five areas, the requirements of a student’s major cover some of the competencies for Bioinformatics, while the remaining requirements will be fulfilled within the minor itself.
A plan of study is determined by an Advisor in the Department of Biology based on the student's major field of study. Thus, the requirements for completing the minor are determined on a case-by-case basis. Possible options for area-specific courses include the following:

BIO 107Cells, Genetics & Physiology3.0
BIO 108Cells, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory1.0
BIO 109Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution3.0
BIO 110Biological Diversity, Ecology and Evolution Laboratory1.0
BIO 449Recombinant DNA Laboratory5.0
Programming and Computation
CS 171Computer Programming I3.0
CS 172Computer Programming II3.0
CS 260Data Structures3.0
Human/Computer Interface Design
CS 337The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction3.0
INFO 110Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction3.0
CS 461Database Systems3.0
INFO 200Systems Analysis I3.0
INFO 210Database Management Systems3.0
MATH 310Probability and Statistics4.0
MATH 311Probability and Statistics I4.0
MATH 312Probability and Statistics II4.0
MATH 410Scientific Data Analysis I3.0
MATH 411Scientific Data Analysis II3.0
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