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ECE 101 Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Real World 1.0 Credit

This seminar introduces students to highly visible and compelling applications of ECE through the use of familiar real-world applications. The course will highlight some of the high-impact advances of ECE and the importance of ECE in our daily lives. Fundamental concepts, such as electricity, light, computing, networking, and signal processing will be introduced in this context and explained at an introductory level. This course is intended to inspire students to pursue ECE and will lead them directly into ECE 102.

College/Department: College of Engineering
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Business and Engineering

...Computer Engineering: ECE 105 , ECE 200 , ECE 201...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 CHEM 101...


...Credits CHEM 101 3.5 CIVC 101 1...BMES, CHE, CAE, CS, ECE, ENGR, ENVE, MATE...

Environmental Engineering BS/MS

...101 or 101 * 1.0 VACATION ENGL 101...250 (excluding MEM 361 , ECE 361 ) + Graduate Electives...

Minor in Electrical Engineering

...physics requirements are PHYS 101 and PHYS 102...and/or 400-level ECE courses. These courses...

Minor in Nuclear Engineering

...requirements are PHYS 101 , PHYS available on the ECE Department website . For...

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