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BIO 312 Genetically Modified Foods 2.0 Credits

Covers the application of recombinant DNA techniques in the creation of genetically modified foods. Explores the many uses of these food. Also covers the social, ethical and environmental issues involved in the use of genetically modified foods.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: BIO 100 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 107 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 122 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 141 [Min Grade: D] or BIO 132 [Min Grade: D]

Environmental Engineering BS/MS

...PHYS, BIO, GEO, CHEM, CHEC, and ENVS (excluding MATH 310 , MATH 311 and MATH 312...

Teacher Education: Chemistry

...Spring Credits Summer Credits BIO 107 3.0...326 3.0 EDUC 312 3.0 EDUC...

Mathematics BS / Mathematics MS

...0 (UG) Any Biology (BIO) course 3.0...305 , MATH 311 , MATH 312 , MATH 316 , MATH...

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